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Well, "Since everyone else is doing it", I figured it was about time to start making some improvements to my blog. Ishmael the Wild Ass is now written in the papyrus font, which is fitting... :) Nothing like a reminder of the book of Abrapig. Whoops I mean Abraham of course. Man, this apostasy is clouding my mind! I believe that the logo will evolve in time. It's hard to find good pictures of donkeys! Go figure.

The reason I titled today's blog rationalization, is to showcase how far some TBMs will go to make something ok.

A couple days ago I called up and spoke with one of my TBM friends that lives a great distance away. Needless to say we can't meet in person. We began a discussion about all the truths I had discovered as well as all the lies that had been hidden by the lds church. The discussion was going pretty well until her husband wandered into the room and I was put on speaker. lol He listened and was pretty attentive to everything, but would almost always say, "Well, I could go online and make any of that stuff up!". I then had to explain that if you really research it you CAN verify most of the sources. I still think it's funny that it's always assumed everyone in the world is lying if it goes against the church. There is no chance the lds church is lying... NO way! Couldn't be... Oh wait... shit.

I then related an experience that I had with my mission president with him. My mission president was the head of the priesthood department at the church office building, and is now in charge of the church temple department. He is the grandson of joseph fielding smith. During the course of my studies as a missionary, I had uncovered that the joseph smith translation of the bible was different from the book of mormon text. This made the bible verses more complete then the book of mormon ones! When I asked my mission president about it he said, "Well to be honest with you Elder (my last name), there really isn't an answer for that one. The most I've been able to uncover is this. Some of the bretheren are of the opinion that joseph may have copied that section from the bible because he knew at the time of translation that it was the same thing." Other than that explanation he said there was no other.

When I told this to my friends husband, he told me I must have been mistaken! Yah, right. I don't know what I heard. He said it was like the phone game! Sure buddy, like the telephone game except only played with two people! lol Unbelievable. He told me that I must not be remembering correctly because it was so long ago and that there is no way any of the bretheren would even hint at that sort of thing. Right... I forgot, I'm stupid and I must be a liar because I'm saying something against the church!! I told him that even without the explanation the problem was still the same. For any of the issue, there are no answers... Then I corrected my self. There are no answers that confirm the lds church's position. Only answers that expose the falsehoods that the lds faith is based on.

Finally the funniest part of my conversation was about Marriott and his hotels. I told him that this wasn't one of the sticking points as far as the truthfulness of the church, just one of the things that bugged me. I talked about how Marriott sells alcohol and pornography in his hotels and that the church accepts tithes from these sales. How can that be right?

I was told, "Well, he runs a hotel, and if he doesn't sell alcohol and porn, he won't be successful!" "Really?", I said. "So sin is okay as long as it makes you successful!? So, I can lie at work as long as it gets me ahead". Instead of answering my question, he gave another lame ass reason. "Well, all the other hotels are doing it. He needs to keep up." Okay, I get it now. My response, "So if everyone else is doing something, I'm okay doing it too! Right?"

The funniest part is that he would NOT just answer a yes or no question, no matter how I phrased it. He would just jump back and forth between the fact that Marriott needed to be successful, everyone else is doing it, and he needs to do it to have a five star hotel. These things make it okay that Marriott is selling porn and booz, and that the church is okay taking the money as tithing.... lol

You just have to love rationalization.

So in the spirit of rationalization I salute all TBMs out there. Since "everyone else is doing it" is such a great reason, I just had to use it to update my blog!


Blogger Bible Discernment said...

For more info on Bible Versions go to

6:21 PM  
Blogger Sideon said...

This is getting addictive, all these new blogs popping up :)

Mind I add your link to my list of blog links? I like permission instead of just doing it without warning.

Of course, doing it without warning is nice, too, but that's another and entirely different, purely Non-Mormon topic.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Ishmael, the Wild Ass said...


No problem! Add away. Hopefully you don't mind that I'd already added yours to my list! lol

7:28 PM  
Blogger La said...

Why did Sideon have to yell or emphacize dramatically his request? That's what I'd like to know....


8:19 PM  
Blogger Sideon said...

Done deal.

LA - it's all about dramatics.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Cynthia E. Bagley said...

I need to write a play about all my invisible friends in the blogsphere... Sideon would be the star of course with La as his sidekick...


1:08 PM  
Blogger Joseph's Left One said...

Yep, rationalization is the hallmark of Mormonism. Eventually, you either get tired of rationalizing, or you end up just a little crazy.

9:15 PM  

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